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  • Is there another way to place an order other than PayPal?
    No, we do accept mail orders nor do we accept phone orders due to security reasons.
  • How much is PayPal charging me when ordering from the website? Do I have to have an account?
    Customers are not charged any fees when using PayPal. Busy Horse pays all fees. If a customer does not have an account, PayPal can be accessed for a one time use. You will need to provide your email address so that Busy Horse can send the shipping information (i.e. tracking number) back to you. Additionally, Busy Horse will need your shipping information that is provided when ordering via PayPal. Please note: If you are accessing an existing account, it is very important to make sure your account information is up to date. Busy Horse recommends that you double check your information if you haven’t used your account in awhile.
  • Does Busy Horse ship internationally?
    Yes. All orders are sent via the US Postal Service using Priority International (6-10 days for delivery). Note: Shipments sent outside the Continental United States are very expensive and import vat/tariff/duty fees are not included in the shipping costs charged upon checkout.
  • How do you ship orders and how long does it take?
    Orders are typically processed and shipped within 2 business days of receipt. Busy Horse processing and order fulfillment is based in California. All orders are shipped via US Postal Service which takes between 2-5 business days for delivery.
  • The bag’s stitching has come loose, what can be done?"
    The Busy Horse bags can take harsh use and abuse from the elements and your horse’s attention. Horses want to get to their hay fast, so they will try to create a bigger opening. To improve your Busy Horse bag’s longevity, please monitor the wear on your bag. If loosening in the webbing cross pieces are noted, fixing them quickly will prevent further loosening. There are three recommendations for fixing the bags if a crossed webbing piece comes loose: 1. Use a hot glue gun to place a dab of glue between the two pieces of webbing and hold them together until cool. 2. Take a metal skewer or something similar, heat up the end, and make two holes through the webbing where they cross. Then use a raw hide shoe lace or similar and tie the webbing together. 3. Take the bags to any shoe repair store and have them restitch the bags webbing back together. Busy Horse recommends removing the bags from the stall/corral/etc. when not in use and regularly machine washing on delicate and line drying. This will improve durability by removing grit that may wear down the stitching and the webbing.
  • Can I use the bag in other ways?
    While Busy Horse has only one recommended way of using the bag, custom ers have reported several other configurations: Some use the bags as “pillows” on the ground. When used as such, customers have utilized various methods tocompletely close the end of the bags, such as reusable zip ties, carabineers, D-ring clips, rope, etc. With the pillows, it has been noted that extra wear on the Busy Horse bag occurs and may cause the bags stitching to come loose. Other uses of the bags have been to place them inside tires, plastic or met al feeding bins, and other creative feeding bin setups. You are only limited by your creativity in using the Busy Horse bags.
  • What size bag should I use for my horse and how long will it take for my horse to eat all of the hay? What size holes should I use?
    The Busy Snacker is a stall toy and holds a small amount of hay or about 4-5 lbs. of hay. This bag is designed to distract and occupy a horse between feedings. However, customers with miniature horses, ponies, and goats have had success using the Busy Snacker as a feeding bag. The Busy Snacker has holes that are roughly 1.5 by 1.5 inches. The Busy Buffet will hold appx. 1 flake or about 10-12 lbs. of hay. The Busy Buffet comes in a regular feeder size with roughly 2.25 by 2.25 inch holes, a slow feeder size that has holes appx. 1.75 by 1.75 inches, and an extra slow feeder size that has holes appx. 1.50 by 1.50 inches. The Busy Grande will hold appx. 2 flakes or 12-18 lbs of hay. The Busy Grande comes in a regular feeder size with roughly 2.25 by 2.25 inch holes, a slow feeder size that has holes appx. 1.75 by 1.75 inches, and an extra slow feeder size that has holes appx. 1.50 by 1.50 inches. For customers purchasing feed bags for horses: Busy Horse recommends evaluating your horse’s size and typical feeding volume, and then select either the Busy Buffet or Busy Grande size. Start with the regular feeder style first to get your horse acquainted with feeding out of the bag. Then, if the feeding is not going slowly enough, try the slow feeder or the extra slow feeder style. The feeding time frames vary with each horse. However, the goal is for the horse to be eating slower than onventional hay bag products plus there will be less waste of hay. Busy Horse has heard from many customers who have tried all the sizes, and one size usually works better than the other.
  • Can Busy Horse make the bags in other custom sizes or add modifications?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to accommodate these requests. We have been asked for more attachments to the top of the bags to make the bags easier to hang in bins. We feel this modification would make the bag fundamentally unsafe by allowing a hoof to get caught in the bag. Another modification that has been requested is to have a labeling system to identify individual bags. A good way to identify your bag is to use a metallic permanent ink pen. The pen shows up well on our bags.

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