Busy Grande Slow Feeder Hay Bag

SKU: 6001

The BUSY GRANDE SLOW FEEDER is the same great design as the Grande Regular Feeder with smaller holes for the fast eater. The BUSY GRANDE SLOW FEEDER can make the meal last a little longer and reduce the amount of hay waste. Hung at head height against a solid surface like a box stall wall or the side of a pipe corral the BUSY GRANDE SLOW FEEDER artificially replicates natural grazing. Remember, A BUSY HORSE IS A HAPPY HORSE.

  • Product Info

    The BUSY GRANDE SLOW FEEDER is made of strong poly webbing that is double stitched. Machine washing the bags on delicate and line drying will improve durability by removing grit that may wear down the stitching and the webbing.


    Appx. Dimensions: 39" x 30" 
    Appx. Hole Size: 1.75" x 1.75" 
    Holds appx. 2+ flakes (12-18 lbs) of hay


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